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I love stationery of all kinds, and sometimes like to review it as well.


Making my (yo-yoing) life difficult, to make it better (my October Challenge)


I have decided, that for the month of October, I will be using one yo-yo. The ILYY TRVTH, a narrow-shaped, unresponsive yo-yo. Similar in shape to Tom Kuhn's SB2, it is a modern yo-yo that harkens back to a time when hitting tricks was very difficult, and it took more than a yo-yo with a super wide gap.

Why? I feel like my playing is sloppy. I can hit tricks, but it looks awkward, and I'm very unhappy with that, especially when my youth was filled with a wooden axle yo-yo for most of it. I had to be precise. Modern yo-yos add a certain amount of forgiveness that I don't want to have to rely on.

I will be posting updates, and my frustrations as the month goes on.


I also must say that with the color and the way the side-printing is for this yo-yo, that it has a very Halloween-black metal vibe going on. To me, it looks like a yo-yo that Belphegor or Darkthrone would throw. Very appropriate for October.