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I love stationery of all kinds, and sometimes like to review it as well.


Kutsuwa Stad T'Gaal Multisharpener Pencil Sharpener


2015-06-07 20.59.21

While I love my desk sharpeners, they aren't practical outside of your desk of maybe a classroom environment. If you are going to use pencils out and about, you are going to need a nice portable sharpener. The Alvin Brass Bullet isn't bad, except your pencil shavings wind up all over. The KUM Automatic Longpoint is wonderful, with it's two stage sharpening, but I don't always want a needle tip. Enter the T'Gaal Multisharpener.

The T'Gaal comes in 4 color choices, green, light blue, orange, and pink. It is larger than the Brass Bullet, and slightly longer than the Longpoint (though not as chubby), but it will happily fit inside the large pocket of my Nomadic rollup pencil case. It has a sliding piece on the back of the body for removing your pencil shavings which feels very solid. The top is adorned with the dial.

2015-06-07 20.59.59
The bottom (or back) of the sharpener, with the shavings cover still on.
2015-06-07 21.02.59
No matter how much you try to clean it, the interior will be dirty forever once its first pencil has been sharpened.

That dial has 6 settings. 5 are for selecting your sharpening point/angle, and then "Close", which closes the pencil entry with a piece of white plastic, minimizing the chance of random pencil shavings ending up in your bag. From what I can see, the dial moves the housing of the sharpener up and down, which creates the 5 varying points. Simple, but effective.

2015-06-07 20.59.38

Point #1 is stubby, and reminds me of a gold pencil point. By the time you are at point #5, it is more or less a normal point. While it's no KUM or Classroom Friendly level of eye blinding pointedness, it's very respectable.

2015-06-01 20.18.16
These are in order from 1-5, starting with the Rhodia pencil on the left. The extra graphite on the Field Notes pencil on the right was not from the T'Gaal.

I have one issue with the sharpener. I tend to sharpen often, as I really like sharp points. Due to the the way this (and many other) hand sharpeners work, the T'Gaal won't sharpen until the point is fairly dull. Kind of annoying, but not a deal breaker.

For the price, this is a nice sharpener. The ability to have different point types can be very useful to artists, or writers who want some pencil point variation. If you are in the marker for a pocket sharpener, and the Kum Longpoint isn't to your liking, I'd say give the Kutsuwa Stad T'Gaal Multisharpener a try.

2015-06-07 20.58.13
I used all the pencils to write this review, which explains the varying darkness on the paper.