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G Squared Yo-Yos - Aftershock AL7 - Penny Edition - Preview


I tend to stick with what I know. My shoes are usually Vans or Nike, my bags are from TimBuk2. I guess you could say I'm a creature of habit. When it comes to yo-yos, I'm willing to extend out of my comfort zone, and try new companies, one who haven't been making yo-yos forever (I, among many others, remember when CLYW and One Drop were new kids on the block). Enter G Squared. They have been making metal yo-yos for about 2 years, with 4 models currently available. The Aftershock AL7 is a revision of their normal Aftershock, machined out of heavier 7075 aluminum, making this bad boy weigh in at 68.9 grams, versus the normal 66.9 grams. (2 grams may not sound like a huge difference, but it can make a huge difference between a yo-yo being playable and fun, or something that is just frustrating.) Fortunately, G Squared knows what they are doing, and have made an awesome yo-yo.


I ordered the "Penny" edition, directly from G-Squared. Shipping was quick (like 4 days to Denver), and everything was well packaged. Inside was nice selection of goodies, including, but not limited to: the entire set of G Squared Yo-yo's yo-yo cards, a couple of G Squared stickers, a very nicely engraved box, a beverage coozy with the G Squared logo on it, and the yo-yo itself.


(opposite side of the beverage coozy)


To me, it's the right amount of extras. Not overpowering, so that it lessens the excited of the Penny, but you feel appreciative of the time they spent to give you a very nice package. Outside of the yo-yo itself, the box is definitely my favorite part. It's very well done.


I've only played with the Aftershock AL7 for an hour. It came in the mail today, right before I left for yo-yo club. I played with it some there, but I really want to spend some quality time with it before I say how much I like it. Initial impressions however are super positive. Also, while my pictures make it look more orange-ish, it's because the lighting in my room is very warm. In the sunlight, the "Penny" namesake is hugely appropriate for this throw.

(Also, the string on there is not what comes in the package, that was made by my friends Steven and Hunter at Boulder Yo-Yo Club).

You can see more of G Squared Yo-Yos awesome work at