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Glitz and Glam - Review of the Delta Dolce Vita Mid-Size Fountain Pen


I love stationery of all kinds, and sometimes like to review it as well.


Glitz and Glam - Review of the Delta Dolce Vita Mid-Size Fountain Pen

Fred Pilarczyk

When I think about certain pen manufacturers, certain pens come to mind. With Montblanc, it's the 149, Pelikan, the M1000, Sailor, the Pro Gear. It goes on and on. For Delta, it is the Dolce Vita. The color and shape make for an impressive, striking pen, even in the mid-size version.

Quite the large box.

The packaging for this pen is a cardboard box on the outside, with an orange sticker that has way too many fonts on it. Inside, you get literature in multiple languages, (with an image of a woman putting the pen to her mouth like lipstick, what?), a bottle of Delta blue ink, and the pen itself, encased in a black tomb. You remove the pen by the two thumbscrews, which each have the Delta logo on them. It's a little too nouveau for my taste, but at least the pen was secure.

Hey, it's a box within a box!

The goods.

What the? I don't even...

The pen itself is gorgeous. The cap is black, with Delta's logo on the finial. The clip has good tension, and a small wheel, which makes putting the pen into a shirt pocket or pen case very easy. The center band is sterling silver, which was engraved by hand. On the rear of the cap is "Delta Dolce-Vita Mid-Size, serial number,/Italy". While these aren't limited editions, Delta numbers all of their pens in this series, which I think makes it feel a little bit more premium. The body is a pearlized orange resin (which I would call Orange Crush) that I absolutely adore. There is a small band that is translucent to show your ink level, a black section that tapers then flares before ending with a 14k gold nib (which is rhodium plated). The nib has Deltas branding, scrollwork and the nib size on it (I went with a medium nib). The back end of the pen is a black blind cap, which when unscrewed reveals a knurled metal piston filler knob. Turn the knob, dip the nib into your ink of choice, turn the other way a couple times, and it's ready to write. I really like that their piston system is ratcheted, so that you cannot break the mechanism by overturning it. It also has a nice sound when it is ratcheting, kind of like popping bubble wrap.


I think the silver band adds a nice refined touch, and complements the orange and black well.

The rear of the cap.

The pen with the cap, filled, is 40 grams, 28 without the cap. It is 142mm long when closed, 130.4mm uncapped, and close to 160mm posted (my calipers stops at 154mm, or 6 inches). The cap posts by friction, and sits well, but it winds up feeling like a tree trunk in your hand. Unposted it feels weighty, but not uncomfortable. The section is comfortable, and large enough for almost anyone without being ridiculous. The pen is visually loud, thanks to the orange body, but I love that aspect of it. It says "Look at me, I'm beautiful". Think of the Dolce Vita as a runway model, and you totally get where this pen is coming from.

I'm so glad this under a blind cap. It is way too industrial otherwise (but works very well).

Yea. Never going to use it like that.

I really like the orange translucent ink window.

The writing experience is superb. The medium nib flows well, and always puts out a consistent line, even after not using it for a few days. While you can squeeze out a little flex, the amount of pressure to do it makes me uncomfortable. There is a pleasant amount of feedback while writing with it, which I'm beginning to notice as a trend among Italian pens. As a daily writer, this is an amazing pen, and I appreciate the fit and finish the more I use it. It ticks so many boxes that to me it is perfect to use all the time.

Price-wise, you are looking anywhere from 300 to 475 depending on the store, but I would try to keep the price more towards the 350 realm and not much higher than that if possible. It is pricey, but you do get a piston filling pen that has a 14k gold nib as well as an engraved cap band of sterling silver. I think you could do much worse in this price range than the Dolce Vita.

The nib is amazing out of the box. No adjustment needed.

If you are looking for a good, high end pen that will get notice in your next work meeting, then the Dolce Vita is for you. It almost pushes into the realm of garish, but the black accents keep it tasteful. The fact that it writes so well makes it a joy to use. I love the slight feedback I get from writing with this pen, it makes my words feel like they mean something. I really can't say enough good things about this pen and would highly recommend it.

What a stunner.

What a stunner.