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Fine & Candy "Evil" Pencil - A Sweet Graphite Treat


I love stationery of all kinds, and sometimes like to review it as well.


Fine & Candy "Evil" Pencil - A Sweet Graphite Treat


If you keep going down the stationery rabbit hole long enough, you will begin to acquire stranger, more unique items, ones that have subtle differences from other products, but to us crazy obsessive folk those differences mean a lot. I think the Fine & Candy pencil is a prime example of how important these nuances can be.

These pencils come from Portugal, and are sold at Fine & Candy's shop (their website is, Fortunately, CW Pencils carries them as well, and they come in an array of two-toned designs. The one I wrote this review with is called "Evil", though I also own "Blood" (red with a gold dipped end) and "Smokey" (gray with a silver dipped end. This was CW Pencil's pencil of the month for January, btw). Having the dipped end may seem like a small thing, but in a sea of monochromatic pencils it is a welcome change.

Well thought out color schemes, perfect at work or the coffee shop.

"Evil" (and it's ilk) a hexagonal in shape, and begin life at 17.78 cm. Its diameter (side to side) is 6.85 mm (a Palomino Blackwing 602 is 7.24 mm for comparison) so it is quite pleasant in the hand. The paint application is clean, which is especially important on a two-tone pencil. Each of their pencils say Viarco in script (Viarco is the oldest pencil factory on the Iberian peninsula) and Fine & Candy in an all caps, san serif font. It is a clean look, with just a touch of style and class.

The imprint holds up fine to lots of use and being tossed on desks and in pencil cases.

I have sharpened the pencil in various desk and hand sharpeners and it performs wonderfully. The core is well centered, and has given me no trouble getting a lovely point on it.

Writing with the Fine & Candy is a pretty good experience. The lines are dark, solid. It's not super smudgy, which is nice for us lefties. My only issue is once in a while I will hit a spot while writing and all of a sudden it feels very scratchy for a word or two. I'm guessing it's some unevenness in the graphite makeup. Not a huge deal, but something to note. I would say point retention is good to great. I tend to like a very thin line, and I don't fine myself grabbing my sharpener after every sentence.

A pencil is a simple thing. It's two pieces of wood glued around a graphite/clay composite. Fortunately, there are companies like Fine & Candy upping the quality of these simple tools so that they can be fully appreciated.

(If you want to purchase a single pencil, CW Pencils has them for $2.00 a piece here.)