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Franklin-Cristoph Prototype Ice - Broad Nib (Preview)


I love stationery of all kinds, and sometimes like to review it as well.


Franklin-Cristoph Prototype Ice - Broad Nib (Preview)


Prototype Ice_shrunk

There is something vain about having a clear pen. Having a fountain pen in 2015 isn't enough, we need our pen to scream, "Look at my ink sloshing around". It may be kind of irreverent, almost childish, but it is very fun.


I picked up this Franklin-Cristoph Prototype at the Colorado Pen Show. There looked to be a small selection of these, with varied colors for the finial. The pen is an 03 Iterum, but it is lacking the pocket clip which I'm liking more than I thought I would. Unlike the other 03 models on Franklin-Cristoph's site currently, this one is the "ice" color. Set up as an eye-dropped with some of their Emerald 357 ink, this pen is stunning. The broad nib flows well without being uncontrollable, and it is extremely smooth. (While gold is my preference, these well made steel nibs are just wonderful).

Having the experience of picking out my pen, trying out the various nib options, making it into an eyedropper, and having the wonderful staff at Franklin-Cristoph make sure it is what I wanted is so much nicer than just clicking a "Buy" button. Their staff was more than happy to answer any questions I had, and made for a wonderful experience. I'm glad that their table looked constantly busy during my time at the show.

I would highly recommend picking up one of these, or any of the Franklin-Cristoph models (this being my second one). You will love your end result, and if you can get one at a pen show, even better.