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Leave No Black Plume - Review of the Lenore Pencil by Write Notepads


I love stationery of all kinds, and sometimes like to review it as well.


Leave No Black Plume - Review of the Lenore Pencil by Write Notepads

Fred Pilarczyk

This is the pencil that 90's goth bands should have used.

Write Notepads is a company out of Baltimore who creates a line of awesome notebooks, pencils, and other ephemera. My favorite part about the company, besides their awesome products is the fact that when you buy a notebook from Write, they done a notebook to a Baltimore school (they even include a code so you can see which school it went to). 

Recently, Write Notepads announced a membership, which would include limited edition notebooks, as well as other cool products, delivered to your door every quarter. The first series has come out, and it is called "Lenore", based off of Edgar Allen Poe's wonderfully disturbing poem "The Raven". (You can go read it here.) While I will talk about the notebooks and the the membership perks in a separate post, I really wanted to write about the pencils though, as I think they are a fine addition to anyone's collection.

These pencils are made in Shelbyville, TN. A lot of people are saying they are actually Musgrave pencils, which to me is a good thing as Musgrave makes awesome pencils.

First, the hex pencil is very much made for Halloween, or for writing dark poems on a stormy evening. The entire pencil is black, erase, ferrule, wood, the whole thing. There is some foil stamping on it, tastefully done in a copper color. The contrast between the stamping and the black body make for a wonderful contrast. The thing I notice visually is the eraser. While it is black as well, when the light hits it, you see shiny flecks, which just adds to the presentation.

 l love the Raven accents on either side of "Lenore". Subtle, yet no question where this stems from.


"Lenore" sharpens very well in various sharpeners, and keeps a good point while writing. While it is marked as a No. 2, I feel the lines are plenty dark, and to me is darker than a number of No 2/HB pencils I own. It's a smooth writer, with a pleasing sound as you scrawl out your next masterpiece. Writing with this pencil is a pleasure.

The eraser performs well, but if it is your primary eraser it will be "Nevermore" long before the rest of the pencil. It is very soft and wears down quickly. Still, it is nice to have a well performing eraser on your pencil.

I only used the eraser a few times, but it wears down fast.

I only used the eraser a few times, but it wears down fast.

While the current Write Notepads memberships are sold out until May, you can buy a box of these pencils on the website for $13.99 a dozen. I would highly recommend it, and soon, as there were only 200 packs made in total for this series.. The pencil looks awesome, and it is a solid writer. The erasers short life isn't really much of an issue, especially since it does its job so well. 

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor

            Shall be lifted—nevermore!