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New Host and New Design


I love stationery of all kinds, and sometimes like to review it as well.


New Host and New Design

Fred Pilarczyk

Welcome to the latest revision of (I believe this is number 3).

I moved the site off of Dreamhost onto Squarespace. Why? Wordpress mainly. I felt overwhelmed by the number of options in Wordpress that I didn't understand, and the idiosyncrasies of getting it to work well made me not want to post as often as it felt like a huge chore. While I'm not going to say that Squarespace is perfect for everyone, so far, getting my site migrated, running, and designed was a lot easier than with Wordpress.

New design too?

That's right. Using Squarespace made it easier to pick a theme, and work in that theme to get to a design that I'm happy with. My wonderful wife helped me with some custom CSS to do some things that wouldn't work out of the box, and she also showed me how to use Webkit to use some lovely custom fonts, (such as the title of the site, which is Museo Slab). 

There are still some things I don't like:

  • When you scroll down, the title font shrinks a lot. I need to figure out how to get it to stop doing that.
  • External links are broken. Due to how my Wordpress was setup, I cannot get the redirects to work properly with Squarespace. I've reached out to support an am waiting to hear back.

Overall though, that's not too bad. 

Anyway. My plan is to post more often, and to really flesh out this site with a lot more content that I find interesting.

Thank you to those who have followed me for a while and for those who are new, welcome.