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Review of the Seed Slendy+ Retractable Eraser


I love stationery of all kinds, and sometimes like to review it as well.


Review of the Seed Slendy+ Retractable Eraser

Fred Pilarczyk

There’s something nice when your friends recognize (not understand mind you) your love of stationery products so much that they make sure to get you awesome products from their trip to Japan.

Slim is the name of the game here

Flipped over, minimal decoration


I had never seen the Slendy+ retractable eraser from Seed before (though Jetpens apparently carries them and now CW Pencils does too). I’m glad to have one in my inventory. I also saw that Jetpens has refills for $1.65 for 2.

The Slendy+ is a simple design, with an aluminum body, metal clip, and a plastic slide that releases the eraser (more on that in a bit). The body is thin (just over a centimeter wide), which could make gripping it hard except Seed was smart and put a small set of bumps on the body. It’s not a lot, but it does provide a little extra grip. The clip has nice flex to it while still feeling firm, though I don’t use it often. The Slendy+ is only over 10 centimeters retracted, so it fits in pencil cases with ease. The slide for the retract system is unlike a lot of erasers out there as it doesn’t extend the eraser so much as release a lock to keep the eraser in place. Pulled back the eraser doesn’t move, pushed forward and you can either push the eraser in or pull out more as needed. I was worried at first that the eraser would slide back in on itself, but both the grip and the eraser itself have ribbing on the edges so that the whole thing stays rigid while using it.

I could make so many inappropriate jokes... but I won't.

I could make so many inappropriate jokes... but I won't.

Those teeth firmly grip the eraser, much like a shark gripping anything


From an erasing perspective, I would say it’s average to slightly above. It’s not as great as a Mono PVC eraser, but it does a decent job of removing pencil marks, though with 2B pencils you tend to see a little bit leftover. You get an average amount of eraser refuse, nothing too crazy.

Decent erasing quality

Decent erasing quality

Also, with the Slendy+ being so thin, if you have to erase a lot, it can become a bit of chore. At that point though you should probably pull out your block eraser anyway. This is for erasing a word or two, not a paragraph.

I like this eraser a bit. It’s a unique design that attracts quite a bit of attention at meetings. However, I find it hard to justify for the price. On JetPens you can get this for $8.25, but the Mono Zero retractable is only $5.75, and provides a better erasing experience. Still, if you want an eraser that looks different than most, and comes in various colors (mine being the green), then it’s a fun one to have.