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Guardians Of Asgaard (Viking Valgblyant pencil review)


I love stationery of all kinds, and sometimes like to review it as well.


Guardians Of Asgaard (Viking Valgblyant pencil review)

Fred Pilarczyk

When I received my Pencil of the Month from CW Pencils in June, I immediately fell in love with it. A jumbo, hexagonal pencil with a super dark line? Enter the Viking Valgblyant. (Cue the highly inaccurate Viking references now.)


Standing firm, against all odds, we are guardians - "Guardians of Asgaard" Amon Amarth


Each of the Valgblyants come pre-sharpened, and are about 7 inches long. The two-tone coloring, with a lovely pale yellow is a very vintage look, as are the serif font choices on the barrel. The silhouette of the Viking ship is a nice touch, and makes me want to listen to more Amon Amarth. (In case you don't know, Amon Amarth is Viking-inspired death metal.) The end of the pencil has a small hole drilled into it, since these are used as election pencils in Denmark, and they can be tied to desks or tables. While I have no use for the hole, at least it is small, and the drilling is really clean. The hexagonal edges are smooth, and not sharp at all, making writing with this pencil very comfortable.

Drifting alone upon the dragon ship Eerily still, no winds that tear or whip - "On A Sea of Blood" Amon Amarth

The line this pencil leaves is very dark. Like blackest night dark. I would say it's at least 3B, if not 4B in terms of grading. I'm a fan of dark lines, but if you are concerned with having to sharpen often, or of smearing, I would avoid the Valgblyant.

An evil that can't be tamed, It darkens my soul - "A Beast Am I" Amon Amarth


Speaking of sharpening, I have one word of warning. When sharpening the pencil on my Dahle 133 sharpener (which is made for jumbo pencils), the mechanism to prevent over-sharpening never engaged. Due to this, you can easily eat up your pencil without realizing it. I've since switched to a hand sharpener and it's been great, though due to the softness of the graphite you sharpen often.

Sometimes you need a pencil that is different, one that turns convention on its ear. With the shape, size, color, and extremely black graphite, the Vlagblyant from Viking fits the bill nicely. You can currently buy these over at CW Pencils. (And seriously, go check out Amon Amarth. they are amazing!)